Public Sector


Our public sector lawyers specialize in advising government departments, quasi government institutions and public benefit and non-profit organizations. We have an in-depth understanding of how public institutions work. Our expertise is founded on extensive public-sector experience, which ensures that we have the insight and policy understanding to provide services. We value our record of providing advice to our public-sector clients, which in turn, increases our knowledge of public sector policy thus putting us in a better position to give legal services to all our clients who deal with the public sector.

Civil and disability rights

For too long, disability has been a preserve of charity and welfare workers. In this scheme of things, persons with disabilities are normally treated as objects of charity and welfare cases. This approach however, is out of sync with current trends where disability is now a human rights issue. At Muvingi and Mugadza, cogniscent of the human rights approach to disability, we treat persons with disabilities as citizens who must enjoy their rights at an equal level with their non-disabled counter-parts. We believe that the law is one of the best ways of ensuring that the interests and status of persons with disabilities can be advanced and improved.

Our firm therefore seeks to assist persons with disabilities challenge the discrimination they face on a day to day basis using the law. In this regard, we do public interest litigation. We also do litigation for individuals with disabilities in family, commercial, educational and many other areas paying particular attention to any prejudice which our clients maybe exposed to on grounds of disabilities. We also offer consultancy services to those in disability work. These include, charitable organisations, schools, companies and other enterprises.

Pro bono

The Latin phrase pro bono public (pro bono) means “for the public good”. It refers to professional services undertaken voluntarily and without a fee as a public service for individuals or causes of humble means. As a leading firm we recognize our responsibility to the larger community. In particular, we appreciate the need to promote the constitutional imperative of access to justice for all, especially the poor and vulnerable. Our lawyers handle ‘IFP’ and criminal cases referred by the High Court and Supreme Court of Zimbabwe.


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