Criminal Law

We provide specialised litigation services in complex to simple criminal matters. Our firm has a wide range of expertise within the field of criminal law that range from criminologists, victimologists, evidence experts, expert opinion consultants within the areas of evidence, sentencing, mitigation. We basically cover all the areas when it comes to criminal law and trials whereby we provide legal counsel at preliminary case investigations, preliminary inquiries, trials and appeals. In this process, our firm truly believes in protecting your constitutionally guaranteed rights and enforcing them where the State or the police seek to circumvent them. Such an approach ensures that our clients do not become victims of the criminal justice system which is a complex interlocked structure of rules and regulations. Other than representing our clients, we conduct our own investigations, research, examine and review the evidence; a process which enables us to provide our clients with informed advise and the best strategy to adopt when going for trial.

Civil Law

Our firm embraces the philosophy that civil litigation should be part of the broader strategy to handling business and personal affairs. Therefore, before we take any litigation matter we believe in developing a strategic litigation plan that supports our client’s interests and ensure that the strategy remains appropriate throughout the course of each case. Such an approach addresses our client’s existential and lived experiences thereby allowing us to develop an appropriate remedy that best suits our client’s contextual situation. Our founding values in litigation are built on efficiency, legal ingenuity and effective advocacy. Further to that, our vast legal knowledge, effective trial techniques, and pragmatic approach have enabled us to be one of the leading legal institutions in the country. We handle both action and application legal suits, with our extensive experience in civil litigation being the determinant to our success.

Debt Collection

The firm collects commercial debts on behalf of a range of widely varied institutions. The costs for debt collection are recovered from debtors upon successful recovery.


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