Energy and Environmental Law

The Energy and Environmental Law department was recently developed to capture the growing concerns for environmental law matters in energy law. The merger of Energy Law and Environmental Law is not by coincidence, but is a concerted effort to recognize how the two aspects have become inseparable. Energy Law focuses on the regulation of the energy cycle from generation, transmission and distribution of energy throughout the sector. The energy sector spans across the gas industry, petroleum and petroleum products, coal and other extractive industries, electricity, and renewable energy.

Environmental law is applicable within the entire energy sector because of the status of energy law as the biggest contributor to climate change, which pushes the need for better environmental management of the energy sector.

The department offers a wide range of services including the following:


  • Renewable energy law consultancy – we offer advisory services on the renewable energy sector in Zimbabwe, particularly Independent Power Producers, the procurement process and legal compliance necessary for the generation, transmission and distribution of renewable energy.
  • Project management and financing – we draft all the relevant agreements needed for projects in the energy industry. This ranges from Power Purchase Agreements, Engineer, Procure and Construct Agreements, Shareholder’s Agreement, Lenders Agreement, Operations and Maintenance Agreements, Off take Purchaser Agreements, Input Supplier Agreements and Special Purpose Vehicle Agreements.
  • Due Diligence – we are capable of providing thorough due diligence to determine the bankability of any energy project before its commencement. This also involves the allocation of risk inherent in energy projects and risk management.
  • Environmental and legal compliance – ensuring our clientele is kept abreast of all the technical and legal regulations relevant in the energy industry. We also process regulatory approvals for our clients such as environmental impact assessment consultancy, license applications and regulatory compliance.
  • Environmental management planning – we have environmental experts who can develop environmental management plans that are needed for projects that have an adverse effect on the environment as set out by the relevant environmental laws and regulations.


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